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What New

  • [June 4, 2020] We are establishing a new roadmap for the project. Stay tuned!
  • [April 21, 2020] Because the GRAFT team didn't merge the code I contributed any more, I have to continue the development of Lyra all on my own. And I have to abandon the name of Lyra for potential copyright issues also. So we have this new name, Wizard Shops, for the project now.
  • [December 1, 2019] Beginning consensus implemention. The network layer will be based on Microsoft Orleans library. Currently there are no ETA.
  • [November 22, 2019] We now have a simple in-wallet Exchange in internal testing. A public preview will be avaliable next week.
  • [November 21, 2019] Fyi, we do not do SMS.
  • [November 18, 2019] The Lyra LeX Community web server is being upgraded. We will restore service as soon as possible.
  • [November 15, 2019] We are making a lot of changes for the feature of in-wallet exchange.
  • [November 09, 2019] A new roadmap about Lyra is published.
  • [October 31, 2019] The Lyra LeX Community web site goes online.


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