Get Started With Lyra LeX

When you start LyraWallet Lex, you will see a Lyra logo, and then the network selection:

Currently only "lexnet" is supported. Tap "Next",

Tap "Create New Account",

And then you have a new Lyra LeX wallet. You can pull-down to refresh balance anytime. But first, we need some LeX to get with. Goto "Settings", tap "Visit Lyra LeX Online Community". This will open your default web browser.

Rand and scroll down to the bottom and tap "register here", open the register form, fill and submit to get your free LeX.

You can find your Account ID, or Public Address in "Settings" inside your wallet app. Tap on the "copy" icon to copy account id.

Back to "Balance", pull-down to force a balance refreshing. You can see the updated balance there.

Congratulations! Now you have enough LeX to create your own Token. Tap "Settings", then tap "Create Token", and then fill some info about your Token like this, then tap "Create":

If your Token create successfully, you will see a notification like this. Sometime the name of the Token has already been taken by others, you need to chose another one.

Tap "Balance", and Who-la, your Token is just there!

Now let's open your own shop, sell something pricing by your own Token. Tap "My Shop", then tap "+" at the right-up corner, name a product, the price, and then you can select pricing by your own Token:

Tap the big "+" button right-bottom corner to add a product to your shop. When finished adding product, tap the "X" at right-up corner.

Your pocket Lyra POS Machine is ready. Add some goods to cart, and then checkout. Show the buyer the QR code, and he/she can pay you a his/her Lyra Wallet App.

When you can QR code to pay, your device may ask if you allow the app to use your camera. You need to allow to use the can to pay.


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