About the project

By Wizard Young
April 22, 2020 at 2:02 AM. GMT+8


Wizard Shops is a project originated from Lyra. The original Lyra Blockchain has many design goals, quoted from the Lyra Withepaper as bellow:

        Goals of Lyra Blockchain
        ● Create a token payment blockchain that would keep and extend the main GRAFT project
        principals, proposals, and achievements such as privacy, real time authorizations,
        buyer-friendly fee structure, multi-currency support, special merchant transaction flows,
        custom merchant tokens, participating economy, and more (see original GRAFT white
        paper for more details) [1]
        ● Doesn’t rely on Proof of Work consensus
        ● Provides virtually unlimited scalability to enable TPS (transactions per second) rates
        competitive with traditional payment processing networks
        ● Is not subject to a prolonged locking of funds in user wallets (both payer and payee)
        caused by waiting for multiple “block confirmations”
        ● Low network latency
        ● Eliminates dependence on one large and continuously growing blockchain database
        ● Provides ability to generate any number of custom tokens
        ● Provides a conversion and utilization platform for the tokens
        ● Decouples the payment platform from any specific cryptocurrency

Not need to say it was a project with high ambitions. Lyra designed and coded by the leader of the Graft team, Slava Gomzin. Unfortunately, he left with the plan of Lyra unfinished. I was one of the programmers Slave invited to the Lyra team before his leaving. I persuaded Dan, the current manager of the Graft project, to make Lyra open-sourced. From October 2019 to March 2020, I added:

  • Mobile wallet for iOS/Android
  • Lyra Permissionless by adding consensus to the ledger

But things go complicated when the launching date of Lyra mainnet is nearer. I want a Foundation to be set up for the Lyra project as other crypto projects do. This move has won the approval of many community members. Unfortunately, the manager of the Graft project has no interest in it. So I quit the Graft team and started a new plan to implement what is unfinished, once again.

Blockchain, Tokens, Exchange, Shops

When I started writing code for Lyra, now named changed to WizardDAG, I think the perfect solutions for crypto payment are to integrate shops, exchange, and blockchain, which about creating, transfer, and storing values for people in the crypto age. The world needs not another vapor coin but a real commerce service.

To make the goal simple, think about a platform like Shopify but with full decentralized cryptocurrency support. Decentralized blockchain, plus decentralized exchange and decentralized shops.

Current status of project

Currently, we have testnet up and running with mobile wallet support (including iOS & Android). We are running many tests to ensure the blockchain is stable and secured.

Future development plan

Shop hosting will be a priority. And then the Exchange.


For source code, development, issues, etc. please visit WizDAG Github
For general discussion, please join WizDAG Official Chat Group by Telegram.
For business and investment, please contact biz#wizdag.com (replace # with @).

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